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Past Results

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  1. The Summer Cup is a series of five races.
  2. The races start at 7:15 prompt at the Links Car Park, South Beach.
  3. The series is open to paid up club members only.
  4. Individuals’ best race positions from four races will count.
  5. Points will be allocated thus:-  winner 1.  second 2.  third 3.  Etc.
    An individual not running in a race will be given 100 points.
  6. The overall winner will be the athlete with the least points from 4 races.
  7. Each race winner, plus the overall winner, second and third place in the series will receive an award.
  8. Teams to consist of a maximum six members, with the first four finishers to count.
  9. All team members of the winning team will receive an award.
  10. Anyone accompanying a runner must run behind the runner and not hinder others.
  11. The use of earphones of any description is strongly discouraged by Blyth Running Club. Runners who use them, do so at their own risk.
  12. The minimum age for participation in this year’s Summer Cup is 14 years old on race day.  However, underage runners will be admitted at the discretion of the organisers and with parental approval. The organisers’ decision in this is final.
  13. Organisers need at least 3 days’ notice of new entrants to allocate a number/start time.
  14. Anyone who wishes to run on the night, without a race number, can do so.  However they will not be eligible for any prizes and will not score any points.
  15. Anyone running without a number will be classified as ‘Guest’ and their result will not count.







Peter Brown

Charlotte Ramsey

Terry McCabe


Wendy Herron

Sharon Richardson

Richard Shillinglaw


Simon Lemin

Ian Baxter

Andrew Henderson


Andrea Scott

Louise Rawlinson

Terry McCabe /

Kevin Freeman


Jon French

Mark Ponton

Richard Shillinglaw


Leanne Davies

Brian Singleton

Peter Maylia

MPFree Runners


Louise Rawlinson

Andrea Scott /

Alfred Margison


Aye Up Me Duck


Gwen Forster

Lesley Falkous

Jake Masterman

The Chocolate Monsters


Paul Whalley

Lewis Freeman

Gemma Harmon

Senior Juniors


Lauren Barrett

Tony Dunn

Michael Ashby

Hot Tottie


Paul Whalley


2009 Race 6

Male vet:

Paul Whalley


2017 Race 5


Jude Nutt


2013 Race 5

Female vet:

Jude Nutt


2013 Race 5

Summer Cup

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2017 Summer Cup  

The dates for the 2017 Summer Cup are as below.


Wed 17th May




Mon 19th Jun



Wed 12th Jul



Wed 16th Aug



Wed 6th Sep


 Full Results

The Summer Cup is a series of five 2.5 mile handicap races for members of Blyth Running Club only.  The main event is for individuals, with the overall winner being decided on their best 4 results.  There is also a team event in order to provide a bit more competition.  The course starts and finishes at Blyth Links car park and follows a route using the promenade and the beach path, and so is safe for all ages. The handicapping system allows all ages from the Club to compete and so seniors and the older juniors can both take part, with everyone having an equal chance of victory.
The races are held on Wednesday evenings through May to September.

The first Summer Cup was held in 2008

2016 Report

In a very close fought competition congratulations go to Paul Whalley, the overall individual winner of the 2016 Summer Cup, Paul ran in 4 of the 5 races recording two wins and a worst placed finish of 15th, Paul also improved his time in each race going from 16:15 in race 1 to 15:00 in race 5. In second place on 29 pts, just 2 points behind Paul was Lewis Freeman and a further 10 points back in third was Gemma Harmon, who could have pushed Lewis and Paul even closer if not for being away on holiday for the last race.  

The fastest time of the series was recorded by Jake Masterman with 13:24 in race 3, closely followed by Bradley Clough's 13:32 in race 2.  Fastest female time was Jude Nutt's 15:38 in race 2.  

After a poor showing in the first two races of the series a remarkable turnaround saw "Senior Juniors" winning the team competition thanks to victories in the last 3 races giving them a final team score of 81.  Congratulations to the team of Mark Nicholson, Layton Robinson, Jake Masterman, Calum Storey, Liam Marsh and Josh Fiddaman.  Second and third places in the team competition went to "Aye Up Me Duck" and "Coastline Coasters" on 74 and 69 pts respectively.

A total of 85 members took part in at least one of the races with 18 taking part in each race.

Many thanks to the organisers, marshals, timekeepers and helpers without whose time and effort the event couldn't take place.

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Course Records

Past Winners