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Club Grand Prix

For those wanting some competition, we run a yearly "Grand Prix" league from February to November, this has four or five divisions, with promotion and relegation taking place at the end of the season. This competition has the effect of giving people a focus to aim their efforts towards, and is keenly contested right down to the last division. Prizes are awarded to the winners at one of our numerous social functions held during the year.

The Grand Prix comprises of 12 races spread across the region, with points being awarded for finishing position within each individual league. In the last few seasons, the Grand Prix has been contested over an equal spilt of three categories; 10k / 10m / 1/2m, to ensure that the winners of each division will be the best overall runners and not simply those who excel at one particular distance. There are 4 races in each category; with the scoring calculated from each individuals best six scores from the twelve races, but with a maximum of two scores from each category.


The format for the 2017 Grand Prix is a 12 race season with four races in each of three categories – up to 10km, up to 10 miles and above 10 miles.  Each entrant to the Grand Prix will count their best two results from each category.  Runners are reminded that, for the purpose of Grand Prix scoring, if a race is being ‘chip timed’ it is the order in which runners cross the finish line that counts and not the chip time.  

Members of Blyth Running Club are required to wear club vests in all Grand Prix races and are also required to comply with all ‘local rules’ set by the organiser of each event.  (Note that these rules will often include minimum age limits, which may result in some of the younger club members being unable to participate in some races). Members should also be aware that it is a UKA rule (for very good reasons, e.g. in case of accident or injury) that we must run only in our own name, and this rule also now applies to the club Grand Prix.  (It is legitimate to swap names in advance if the organiser approves and changes the name appearing in the results).  For clarity, this rule will be applied on the straightforward basis that for a result to count it has to appear in the official results against the name of the person who actually ran.

Failure to comply with the above requirements will render members subject to disqualification from the particular Grand Prix race and also subject to potential disqualification from the Grand Prix itself, dependent on the discretion of the Grand Prix Working Party (note for guidance: repeat offenders will be viewed in a particularly poor light).  For clarity, if it is necessary to disqualify a member from a Grand Prix event all other competitors in that division will then move up one place.

Members are also expected to comply with good etiquette at all times and specifically must comply with all instructions from race organisers and marshals, must do nothing to adversely affect the good name of Blyth Running Club and should do nothing to either favour or adversely affect the performance of other Grand Prix competitors during races.

Season Competition

The races for the 2017 season are shown below.  These have been selected by the BRC Grand Prix Working Party and any feedback after events can usefully be given to any member of this group (but preferably by e-mail or in writing if you want it to be remembered).

At the present time, the dates for seven of the twelve races have been published but there always remains the possibility of further change.  Further information on race dates will be publicised as and when known.  In the event of any of the announced races being either cancelled or clashing with another race on the list, the Working Party reserves the right to select an alternative race where practical and both time and the calendar allowing.

Grand Prix Working Party

Lesley Falkous

Julie Lemin

Lynn Munro

Louise Rawlinson

Dave Roberts (chair)  

The 2017 Grand Prix consists of the following events.





Run Northumberland Half

Sun 19th March

Kirkley Hall, North'd

Above 10 Mile

Keswick Half

Sun 30th April

Central Lake District

Above 10 Mile

Ripon 10

Sun 14th May

North Yorks

10k to 10 Miles

Clive Cookson 10K

Wed 24th May

Whitley Bay

Up to 10k

Newburn River Run

Wed 14th June


10k to 10 Miles

Hadrians Wall Half

Sun 25th June

West North'd

Above 10 Mile

Red Kite Trail Run (8M)

Sun 9th July

Dipton, Co. Durham

10k to 10 Miles


Fri 21st July


Up to 10k

Northumberlandia Trail 5K

Sun 13th August


Up to 10k

Tees Pride 10K

Sun 3rd September


Up to 10k

Great Cumbrian Half

Sun 1st October


Above 10 Miles

Brampton to Carlisle 10M

Sun 19th November (TBC)

East Cumbria

10k to 10 Miles

 Division 1

 Division 2

 Division 3

 Division 4

 Division 5

 Division 6

  Robby Barkley

  Claire Calverley

  Michael Ashby

  Paul Blackett

  Kathryn Angus

  Colin Brown

  Ian Baxter

  Steve Dobby

  Natalie Henderson

  Ralph Dickinson

  Anita Brabazon

  Elaine Gillie

  Peter Brown

  Shaun Dodd

  Julie Lemin

  Claire Mason

  Anne Craddock

  Lynn Munro

 Brad Clough

 Paul Knight

 John Mallon

 David McGarry

  Lesley Falkous

 Simon Sellars

  Steven French

 Darren Noble

 Mark Ponton

 Steve Walker

 Ewa Johnson

 Diane Wallace

 Andrew Henderson

 Henry Povey

 Billy Shaw

 Sandra Watson

 Rachel Joseph


 Gary Jones

  Dave Roberts

  Brian Shiel


 Joanne Stobbart


 Martin Scott

  Rob Sharratt

  Trevor Wakenshaw


  Andrea Wilson


  Graeme Stewart

 Richard Shillinglaw




  Paul Whalley

  Graham Wood















Note: In the case of clear error, the organisers reserve the right to change any athlete UP or DOWN from the league they start in up until the time between the 3rd and 4th races of the season.


Runners are reminded that each entrant to the Grand Prix will count only their best two results from each category.  It is not expected that runners should aim to compete in all twelve races.  

The Leagues for 2017 are:-  

2017 Grand Prix

The races for the 2017 Club Grand Prix are listed below.  (CLICK HERE)

If you wish to take part in the 2017 Grand Prix please inform Ralph or a member of the GP Working Party.