This will be on Wednesday 12th January 2011. All current committee members are prepared to stand for 2011, and we do have a vacancy as Craig has gone to uni in Manchester. Ralph has already emailed round for expressions of interest from BRC members interested in joining the committee and also for any items that members wish to include of the AGM Agenda. In an effort to encourage attendance there will be free mince pies for all attendees.  

If anyone wishes to have any item included on the Agenda for the AGM they will also have to inform to the Secretary by Wednesday 22nd December.

          Only items on the Agenda will be discussed at the AGM

          Please note that the AGM is open to members only

All members of Blyth Running Club are welcome to stand for election to the Club Committee, or stand for one of the main offices (Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer). Anyone wishing to do so should have a proposer and seconder from within the club, and forward these names to the Club Secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting.


The current committee is:

Chairman :

Kevin Freeman

Secretary :

Ralph Dickinson

Treasurer :

Dave Kitching

Development Officer :

Ralph Dickinson

Welfare & Child Protection Officer :

Keith Willshire

Juniors :

Keith Willshire

Press/Communications Officer :

Keith Willshire

Coaching Co-Ordinator :

Aynsley Herron

Membership Secretary :

Ralph Dickinson

Acting Social Secretary :

Aynsley Herron

Ladies :

Helen Morris

The following are also on the committee:

Mal Darbyshire, Susanne Hunter, John Mallon, Iain Singer, Alison Lowes


Sands Race 2010

As Les Venmore said “even the indoor competitions were off, but that didn’t stop the sands race”, BUT we did see a first for the Sands race – ladders to help the runners negotiate the groynes – as BRC again impressed everybody with their ability to organise a race. Everybody seemed to enjoy the race even though the conditions underfoot were quite difficult with long stretches of pebbles/rocks to run over. Full results are on web-site.


The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start


Northern Cross Country Champs

These will be held at Herrington Country Park, Sunderland on Saturday 29th January.


Entries need to be in by 7th January 2011.


The Club pays for these entries so don’t panic about the cost, although if people enter and do not turn up then they maybe asked to refund the entry fee. Plus organizers are also looking for volunteers to help set the course up

Anybody interested let Ralph know ASAP, any Juniors let Keith know.

THE Great North Run enjoyed its most successful year so far in October as record numbers of competitors managed to escape from Tyneside.


Escaping runners are given sanctuary and hot soup by the monks of Durham cathedral

More than 50,000 made their way from the Tyne Bridge to the A1 as quickly as possible, with organisers claiming as many as 40 had reached Durham before nightfall.

Race founder Brendan Foster said: "There are few more awe-inspiring sights in the world of international distance running than seeing thousands of dedicated people who would obviously rather die than spend another 10 seconds in Newcastle city centre."

The event, now in its 30th year, originated as a half marathon when two dozen students ran 13 miles in a desperate bid to evade a pack of drug-addled, unemployed youths after accidentally wandering into the city's Benwell housing estate.

It has since grown in popularity with many athletes claiming Newcastle's unremitting ghastliness gives them the ideal motivation to set record times.

Ethiopian Haile Gebrselassie, who got furthest from the city in a time of four hours and 28 minutes, said: "When the starting pistol went off, about two dozen spectators pulled out their own guns and returned fire.

"After that it was the usual terrifying blur of hellish teeth and blotchy, mis-spelled tattoos."

The runners were cheered on by up to 300,000 local people, many of whom said they would have joined in if they thought it would not have disqualified them from incapacity benefit.

But despite the Great North Run being the biggest event of its kind in the world, physical exercise still remains the 127th most popular activity in Tyneside, coming in just behind 'laminating an otter'.


Nobody's a natural. You work hard to get good and then work hard to get better


Northumberland McCains Athletics Network

Athletics Networks are clusters of clubs working strategically with other local key partners to develop the sport of athletics in that area. McCain Athletics Networks will be multiple clubs (often comprising of a mixture of track and field and off-track) working together in each area. McCain Athletics Networks will seek to drive up the quality of coaching, links with community groups such as schools, competition in clubs (inter and intra club) and also seek to develop the all round quality of provision within clubs in the network. In Northumberland, the clubs are Blyth, Alnwick, Morpeth and Tynedale working in conjunction with Blyth Valley Arts and Leisure, Northumberland Sport, Schools Partnerships and Competition Managers. Our main aim is to work together and try to increase the number of participants in Northumberland by better coaching, facilities etc.

The first coaches evening was held at Ponteland and there were about 20 coaches from the four clubs and we tried to identify the strengths/weaknesses of coaching within the Region.

For instance, it was recognized that there were very few jumps/throws coaches in the area; another weakness was that new coaches were sometimes just “left to it”. NMAN will be working towards (hopefully) helping all the clubs and coaches better themselves and to help each club go forward. 



After the last officials course Blyth now have the following people who are all qualified track and field officials:

Track Judges; Steff Ramsay, Kevin Freeman, Steve Walker, Keith Willshire

Field Judge; Ralph Dickinson, Dave Bradley

          Anybody else interested see Keith for further details


Winter Series

The second race of the Winter Series was postponed due to the weather and is currently scheduled for Wednesday 8th December. No doubt we will make an early decision again and keep people informed – so keep checking web-site


I run because I used to be envious of people that could run, and now I am that person



1200 in Roman numerals gives the name of what sporting body?

Which vegetable is also a flower?

Which of Santa's reindeer comes first alphabetically?

Credits on all Bond films finish with 4 words James Bond ..... ......what?

Which double act won seven Oscars between 1943 and 1953?‎

Which is the lowest prime number greater than 50?

What type of fruit is a Blenheim Orange?

What is the cube root of -8 (minus 8)?

Only three words in standard English begin with the letters "dw." They are all common. Name two of them.

How many points does a snowflake have?

How many gifts are given in total in the song The Twelve Days of Christmas?

What is the chemical formula of snow?

Which famous comedy double-act partner made the first ever UK mobile phone call, New Year's Day, 1985?

From what does the month of December take its name?

Which is the only flag that is neither square nor rectangular?

Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

When James was nine years old he hammered a nail into a tree to mark his height. Ten years later, James returned to see how much higher the nail was. If the tree grew by four inches each year, how much higher would the nail be?

England Athletics Awards Night

As Steff won the North East Volunteer of the Year award, she was shortlisted for the National Award held at the Metropole Hilton Hotel @Birmingham. Christine, myself, Steff and her mother travelled down on the Saturday for the presentation. The Awards evening was also held in conjunction with the 2010 Hall of Fame inductees. Now I know that people say famous athletes are basically the same as everybody else (i.e. they have to go to the toilet as well), but when you are standing talking to double Olympic Gold Medal winner Kelly Holmes it is hard not to feel “slightly in awe of her” and become a stuttering, gibberish wreck! Although, to be fair to most of the athletes, they seem genuinely pleased if somebody asked for an autograph or photo (most but there are always some exceptions). Kelly Holmes was a genuine, friendly person who had the knack of looking interested as she talked to you – asking Steff why she was there and encouraging her to keep going. Just weeks before going into the Jungle, Linford Christie was there, with Darren Campbell giving a wonderful description of training and running with Linford.

Although Steff was runner up, I’m sure she had a wonderful night and has some excellent photos.

PS: The evening was described as “smart, but casual”, and as Linford Christie entered the room he was wearing a pair of denim jeans. The Head Waiter stopped him and said “I’m sorry sir, but you are not allowed to wear jeans here”. So Linford replies “I’m Linford Christie, I’m here to be inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame as the fastest Briton ever”. So the Head Waiter says ”Well then it won’t take you long to go back to room and get changed, will it”  BOOM BOOM

PPS: we travelled back on the Sunday afternoon, and just past Darlington got a puncture. With it being a new car, there was no spare only a tyre puncture outfit, which fills the tyre with foam and enables you to get home. Only it didn’t, so I had to call the RAC, who duly arrived, jacked the car up, just as it started to rain and said he would go and get the tyre fixed. So we decided to sit in the car, pouring rain and listen to the Newcastle/Sunderland game – thinking to myself as least it can’t get any worse. How wrong was I!!!!      


Andy Griffin

Although not one of the original members, Andy was instrumental in the success of BRC during the early days and acted as secretary and writer of Running Comments. He intends to write some one page “histories” of the early years. This is the email he sent:


I am happy to produce a regular series on the first 10 years of BRC. Would a page of text be OK?  Hopefully I can add some images. Dave K and I feel that the club should know what was going on back then and they might be surprised at the standard of performance. Clive said he would try and find some of the training schedules he distributed to Andy Brown and Michael Black (jr).

For people who have probably never heard of me I have written a short biog below.


Andy Griffin lived with his family in Bondicar Terrace in Blyth and taught at local schools. He was the first secretary of Blyth Running Club and later the Chair for several years before leaving the area . Andy left teaching to write plays and books and he maintains that producing the early issues of Running Comments led him to take up a successful career as a freelance writer. He now lives in retirement at Shilbottle near Alnwick with Pat, his wife of 43 years. Two hip replacements forced Andy to give up running but he cycles and walks… competitively!


Andy’s Archives:

A History of Blyth Running Club

1] In the beginning……..


At the time of the first Great North Run in the spring of 1982 (a year after the first London Marathon) it seemed the whole country had taken to the streets to run. The entry for the GNR was around 10,000 and it was then regarded as an unprecedented mass sporting event. The following year so many people wanted to participate that it became literally a ‘lucky dip’ with entries being picked out of post office sacks and only one out of four was guaranteed a place on the starting line. I ran the first race as part of Radio Newcastle’s team because their Head of Sport at that time was Jim Harland of Blyth, who lived up the street, and he had a couple of spare numbers. It was an amazing experience as it seemed that the entire population of North and South Tyneside had turned out to watch. After 28 years of the race the spectators appear to have dwindled, or maybe they are in it!

Everyone has their own personal experiences of these major events and mine was coming into the last 400 metres to tumultuous applause and yells. I had done OK for a 37 year old (1.26.43) but as I waved I felt all the braying and screaming was a bit excessive. When I crossed the line I found myself gazing at the runner directly in front of me who was wearing a strange shirt divided in two halves – red and white stripes on one side and black and white stripes on the other. He turned, and of course I recognised Kevin Keegan. He was playing for Southampton at the time and with the football season over, Brendan Forster had persuaded him to join in the race. Like me, KK had completed the run on the back of football fitness. Our training, admittedly at a different level, consisted of chasing a ball on a 110 yard by 80 yard rectangle of grass. The media naturally honed in on Kev at the end of the funnel and there I was looking over his right shoulder grinning inanely into the camera. If anyone has a VHS video recording of the first GNR I would love a copy. Unfortunately my moment of fame was obliterated by an episode of Starsky and Hutch. Keegan took time out to sign my GNR number but a year later he would place his signature on a contract that would be the start of a love affair with Newcastle United.

The upsurge of interest in running led local businessman, Peter Hawkes, to place a letter in the Blyth News inviting enthusiasts to meet at the rugby club on Plessey Road, if they fancied jogging in the company of others. I only heard about this gathering when I completed the ‘Morpeth to Newcastle’ – a well established race held on New Years’ Day. This was a classic event over 13.7 miles which had been going for over 80 years and attracted the best in the country. As a young child I remember standing, wrapped up against the cold, and seeing the nation’s top distance runners. Who can still remember, Jim Holden, Gordon Pirie, Ron Hill, Jim Peters and of course our very own Jim Alder of Morpeth Harriers? On 1/1/82 in a race won by Mike McLeod, I ran a disappointing 1.31.45 and felt that maybe by joining the Blyth lads (and lasses) that my performances would improve.

So, on the first Sunday of 1982 I met up with half a dozen lads at the Blyth Rugby Club and we set off towards the Laverock to do the ‘Avenue loop’ of 9.9 miles. This very strange training session would be a taste of things to come!

[To be continued]







Saturday 11th

NE X Country Champs

Temple Park, South Shields

First Race 11:00

Thursday 16th

Indoor Meeting

Gateshead Indoor Stadium

First Race 18:30

Saturday 18th

Saltwell Road races (Juniors and Seniors)

Saltwell Park, Gateshead

First Race 11:30

Sunday 19th

Loftus Poultry Run

Loftus, Cleveland

Race starts 11:00

Sunday 26th

Pudding Run

Whitley Bay “Charity Run”

Start 10:30

Wednesday 29th

Winter Series

Trading Estate, Blyth

First Runner Off 19:15





Saturday 1st

Morpeth 11K

Rugby Club, Morpeth

Start 13:00

Wednesday 5th

Winter Series

Trading Estate, Blyth

First Runner Off 19:15

Saturday 8th

NE Harrier League

Town Moor, Newcastle

First Race 12:30 (NO UNDER 11’s RACE)

Sunday 9th

Run For Bob

Whitley Bay


Thursday 13th

Indoor Meeting (young athletes)

Monkton Stadium Jarrow

First Race 18:30

Sunday 16th

Indoor Meeting (minor athletes)

Monkton Stadium Jarrow


Thursday 20th

Indoor Meeting

Gateshead Indoor Stadium

First Race 18:30

Sunday 23rd

Cathedral Relays



Sunday 23rd

Brass Monkey Half Marathon


Race full

Saturday 29th

Northern XC Champs

Herrington Country Park, Sunderland

First Race 11:00


Check web-site for more races and further details or see Ralph


Northern Athletics League

After gaining promotion Blyth will be in a league 3E with:


Match 1

Match 2

Match 3

Match 4









Venue TBA




 1 City of York B

2 Morpeth Harriers & AC

3 New Marske Harriers & AC

4 Scarborough AC

5 Skyrac AC                                

6 Wallsend / Blyth


It's a hill. Get over it




Minutes of meeting held 1st November 2010



Apologies: Mal Darbyshire


The meeting commenced at 8:31 p.m.


Minutes of meeting held 4th October were read and approved. This was proposed by Dave Kitching and seconded by Iain Singer.


Matters Arising


BRC welcome Pack Kevin wished to thank everyone who had had a hand in putting together the welcome pack. We still need to place a laminated copy on the Notice Board.


Committee Vacancy –no responses have been received from members.


T & F Party night. No change. Wallsend Harriers still trying to sort out internal problems.


Club Mark AccreditationRalph and Keith had met John Stacey. We talked John through the SWOT analysis we had undertaken. He was happy with what he had seen. We now need to collate all the evidence required to complete the re-accreditation.


Chairman’s Report


October has been an eventful and successful month for BRC. The NEHL Cross Country Fixture 1 at East Cramlington on 23rd organised by BRC was a huge success, and we should all feel justifiably proud and satisfied with a job well done. Spectators, athletes and officials alike have all given plentiful praise for the excellent planning and organisation of the event. Special thanks go to Race Directors Ralph Dickinson and Dave Kitching. This firmly establishes BRC as a top class cross country provider in the north east.

Our junior and senior Autumn Relays were well organised and supported by helpers and competitors alike. 78 athletes enjoyed some fine racing over the 2 nights. Special thanks go to Race Director Keith Willshire.

This month sees the start of the popular 7 race Winter Series and next month the 51st Blyth Sands Race takes place on Sunday 5th December. This ‘golden’ event in the North Eastern Counties Athletics fixture list is one we as a club value highly and for it to be as good, or better, than last year we need your full support either as a competitor or helper.

I’m delighted to report more accolades for BRC and its members. The club has been awarded the England Athletics 2010 North East Development Club of the Year award and Stephanie Ramsay has been awarded the England Athletics 2010 Young Volunteer of the Year award. It should be noted that there are at least 50 clubs in the north east to choose from when selecting these nominations. Both the Evening Chronicle (07/10/10) and the News Post Leader (14/10/10) reported these awards. Steph also finished runner-up in the England Athletics 2010 National Young Volunteer of the year ward at the ceremony in Birmingham on Saturday 30th October. Well done to Steph. We are all proud of you. Evidence if any were needed that BRC is moving in the right direction.

Finally, I received sad news of the recent loss of fun loving stalwart and Life Member Ken Gibson. The club and its members extend their condolences to the family of Ken.

I received some happy news of the birth of Charlotte Grace, a baby daughter for Ash and Natalie Henderson. The club and its members send their congratulations and good wishes to the happy parents.


Secretary’s Report


Ralph reported that we had received the following correspondence:

  • Request from Kirstie Johnson for Fund Raising ideas for Ghana visit.
  • Newsletter received from Community and Voluntary Action Blyth Valley including Northern Rock Foundation newsletter.
  • Bothal Woods Halloween Run entries sent and numbers received.
  • Letter sent to England Athletics with 5 applications for Officials Course on Sunday 21st November 2010.
  • Brampton entries sent.
  • 2011 Snake Lane entries sent.
  • Entry Forms for 2011 National Cross Country Championships received.

There have been 8 new members; 2 senior and 6 juniors, and no resignations.


Treasurer’s Report


Dave reported that Club funds are satisfactory and the full details would be made available at the AGM.


Men’s Captain Report


Iain reported the following;

  • The first of the shorter NS Poly GP race series took place recently where Robby Barclay was fastest on the night. Robby was also highly placed at fourteenth at our own Cramlington cross country. He is now promoted to the medium pack. Sam Dodd was sixth fastest at the NS Poly race.
  • Three gentlemen attended and completed the inaugural Kielder Marathon. All agreed never to do it again (well until next year!)
  • Dave Roberts and Ian Baxter both had good runs at the Jedburgh Half Marathon. Ian had competed well the day before at Farringdon XC.
  • Well done and thanks to all for making the recent Cross Countries and Autumn Relays a success.
  • Congratulations to Ash Henderson and Natalie on the birth of their baby girl, Charlotte Grace.
  • Particular mention to Dave Bradley, Terry Hart and others for consistently racing club team events and in Mr Bradley’s case assisting with club coaching.


Ladies Captain Report


Helen reported the following;

  • On 13th October the club autumn relays took place. Well done to all ladies who took part and to Heather Christopher for being fastest lady.
  • On 17th October Susie, Davina and Adele all ran the inaugural Kielder marathon in very respectable times. Very well done girls.
  • The 19th October was the first short race in the North Shields grand prix and 7 ladies from the club took part with Heather Christopher and Helen Morris finishing in the top 10 fastest females.
  • It was great to see 10 Blyth ladies line up for the first harrier league fixture at East Cramlington. Newcomer Heather Christopher finished 21st just missing out on moving up to the medium pack. Hayley Masterman also trying cross country for the first time came back for more the following Saturday at Farringdon, where we had 6 ladies running. We are currently lying 11th team with 150 points. Thanks and well done to all who ran.
  • The following day Susie and Phillippa ran the Jed burgh half marathon and completed the course in excellent times. Susie was 8th lady overall.
  • I am hoping to have a good representation at the North Eastern Championships at Temple Park in December.




Keith reported the following;

  • Junior Relays - on Monday 11th October at the Trading Estate had 38 runners. The winning team was Jordan Wright, Calum Story and Robert Breeze. Jake Jansen was fastest boy and Charlotte Ramsay was fastest girl
  • Coal-Field Regeneration Trust - Ambassadors identified and should start producing plan soon.
  • Holidays – Absent Monday 22nd November. Help required.
  • Donation - Received from Masonic Lodge for juniors. Suggest we use towards National Cross Country.


Grand Prix


The final event of the season at Brampton has 29 entrants from Blyth. Each division still has positions to be decided. 

We have 38 people entered for the first event for 2011, the Snake Lane 10 mile on Sunday 27th February. 




Aynsley reported that the Quiz at the Top House had been a success. However the Presentation for the Summer Cup and Autumn Relays taking place at the same time had not been. The televised football may have had something to do with this. Tickets for the Christmas Disco on Saturday 11th December at the Sea Horse will be £7 per person. These will be ready for Wednesday 3rd November. Aynsley and Ron will be the main points of contact for tickets.





North East Harrier League Fixture De-brief – It appears that the event was a complete and huge success. We received nothing but praise before, during and after the event. Everything seemed to go well and we have had no adverse comments form either Northumberland County Council or the Friends of East Cramlington. One or two mishaps did happen on the day, but thankfully nothing to do with the organisation of the event.


North East Counties Athletics Association 106th Annual Cross Country Championships – Discussion took place about the possibility of hosting the above championships at East Cramlington in 2011. The Chairman will investigate and report back.


Sands Race – Ralph Dickinson is the Race Organiser. Dave Kitching is taking race entries for this race. Everything is in hand. We just need to sort out the “on-the-day” details in due course.


Summer Cup – It was agreed to delay the discussion on the format for another meeting. Kevin asked for permission to supply gifts for non-running club volunteers/helpers. This was agreed.


AGM – It was agreed that this would be on Wednesday 12th January. Ralph will send an email to this effect, and invite nominations for the committee and items for the Agenda.


Club Mark AccreditationDave, Keith and Ralph will look at collecting and collating the necessary information and will call on committee assistance if required.


Blyth Valley 10kKevin has arranged for our 2011 event to incorporate the North East 10k Championships.


Club Races – It was agreed that the membership secretary would liaise with the race director to ensure that all participants in the event are paid-up members of the club.


Ken GibsonIt was agreed that a donation should be made to charity on behalf of Ken. It was also agreed that these donations should apply to club members only.


Awards, Presentations and Meetings – In light of the recent developments it was noted that we need to set up a regime for future events in the way of costs. It was agreed that if a member had to attend an event on club duty then the accommodation for the club member would be paid for, plus half the travel costs.


Coaching – we have a meeting arranged for our club coaches on Wednesday 3rd November after the Winter Series. There is also a coaching seminar at Ponteland Sports Centre on Thursday 11th November organised by the Northumberland Athletics Network.


Northumberland McCain Athletics Network (NMAN) – it was agreed that we need to improve awareness of NMAN amongst both the committee and club members. Ralph and Keith attend regular meetings of the NMAN, which is made up of Alnwick, Blyth, Morpeth and Tynedale. The Network is under the impression that everyone at BRC is fully aware and conversant with the aims of the Network. This is clearly not the case and we need to educate the members accordingly as to the benefits of membership of this group.





The meeting closed at 9:37 p.m.                      Date of next meeting – Monday 6th December, 8:30pm start



BRC Website – Dave Kitching emailed around the following after the meeting.

One thing I forgot to bring to the attention of the committee last night is the fact that our contract for website hosting is due for renewal. Steve Walker has been able to negotiate a deal which is half the current price we are paying, but it is for a five-year term. The cost is £117.00 for the 5 years (£1.95 a month). If we just renew our current contract it is £2.95 a month. Are you happy with the BRC website as it is now, and are you in agreement that we go for a five-year contract? Please let me know yes or no as soon as you can? Apologies for this omission!

All who responded to the email (9) were in agreement with going for the five-year term. Dave instructed Steve to go ahead.


Kevin A Freeman                                                   Ralph Dickinson

Chairman                                                                                 Secretary


Grand Prix 2010/11

For those wanting some competition, we run a yearly "Grand Prix" league from February to November, this has four or five divisions, with promotion and relegation taking place at the end of the season. This competition has the effect of giving people a focus to aim their efforts towards, and is keenly contested right down to the last division. Prizes are awarded to the winners at one of our numerous social functions held during the year.

The Grand Prix comprises of 9 races spread across the region, with points being awarded for finishing position within each individual league. In the last few seasons, the Grand Prix has been contested over an equal spilt of three categories; 10k / 10m / 1/2m, to ensure that the winners of each division will be the best overall runners and not simply those who excel at one particular distance. There are 3 races in each category; with the scoring calculated from each individuals best six scores from the nine races, but with a maximum of two scores from each category.


Here is a (very) brief summary of this years:


As usual the last race was the Brampton to Carlisle Ten Mile road race and the outcome of the leagues has been decided, with the leagues being extremely competitive and close. In Division One, Robbie Barkley won by one point from second place Peter Brown with Steve Walker in third place. Robbie won 5 of the races, while Peter was first in three of them.


Division Two was just as competitive and close fought, and although Graeme Stewart was the first runner back in his league in the final race, it was not enough to overtake Steve Gillespie who won the league by 4 points with Graeme in second place and Shaun Dodd taking third position.


Division Three was another close affair, with only two points separating the first two, Dave Bradley having the advantage over Heather Christopher. Both Dave and Heather won three races each, but Dave’s consistency over the year gave him the slight advantage over Heather. Third place was tied between Dave Cox and Ian Baxter, with Ian doing enough in the last race to tie with Dave Cox.


Although just as competitive, Division Four was easily won by Julie Lemin, who was first back in the six counting races, while second placed Ron Ingram had a two point advantage over Claire Riches who finished third.


In Division Five, Phillippa Baxter had a clean sweep in finishing first in her Division in every race. This gives Phillippa a healthy lead over second placed Heather Barrass, with Sharon Richardson in third position.


Although this years has just finished the first race of next years Grand Prix has already been decided upon and it is the Snake Lane 10 at Pocklington on Sunday 27th February. The Snake Lane 10 is very popular and BRC reserved places for the race. The race is now full and anybody interested in doing the run will have to wait and see if we have any dropouts from those Blyth members already entered. Let Ralph know if you wish to be included on a reserve list.


Anybody wanting to enter the Grand Prix or requires more information then please see Ralph, Aynsley or Mal.



Blyth Running Club Juniors Christmas Party

The date for this years Junior Christmas Party will be Monday 20th December.   


We will be going Ice-Skating at Whitley Bay Ice-rink    


Meet either at Blyth Sports Centre at 18:00 or Ice Rink at 18:45  


Price will be approximately £6.00 for 2 hours skating


Indoor Athletics

There will be an indoor athletics session at Blyth Sports Centre on                  

                  Tuesday 28th December at 11:00 until 12:00

The format will be a mini competition with participants being put into teams of 4

Events will be:

                                  1 + 1 Lap Relay   (2 Runners)

                                  2 + 2 Lap Relay  (2 Runners)  

                                  Obstacle Relay  (4 runners)

                                  Hurdle Relay     (4 runners)                 

                                  Paarlauf            (6 laps - 2 runners)

                                 Standing long Jump

                                  Standing Triple Jump

                                  Speed Bounce


Price will be between £2.00 and £3.00                                     

Places Limited – First Come First Served

                       All Ages Welcome


Blyth Running Club

Christmas Party

Saturday 11th of December at The Sea Horse pub.

                          Doors open at 7.00

                         Ticket price £7.00

This year we are having a hot and cold buffet meal, followed by a selection of deserts, a quiz.

Then a disco and raffle prizes.

                                         Last orders 11.00