The London Marathon 2013

[Sun 21st Apr] 


Turning half a century this year, I had decided to enter the unknown of marathon running.  In 2008 I struggled to run even just 3 minutes due to a blocked artery, so to achieve a marathon five years later would be a challenge!

Full of enthusiasm, optimism, fluids and carbohydrates, I was ready to go; after three miles, my pre – race pace plan was three minutes down, due to congestion, therefore plan B kicked in, just hang on !!!  At five miles my right foot had blistered; (Only 21.2 to go).

The Blyth supporters were at mile 9 which was a boost.

I had heard of the wall at 20 miles, but I wasn’t expecting one at only 15 miles. I repeated to myself ‘Pain Is Temporary , Quitting Lasts Forever’ (Temporary pain for 11.2 miles however is no fun); up to 20 miles the support was encouraging, there on it turned from mono to stereo and become annoying; I was now into the dark side of marathon running, fighting my demons. I walked through two water stations and stopped to stretch at 25 miles, as my calf and hamstrings were going to snap, well at least it felt as if they were.

800 meters to go my heart rate was 5 beats under maximum rate! Crossing the line was a relief and satisfying in 3 hrs 50 minutes and 24 seconds.

As I crossed the line I felt as if I had to sit down, but I just couldn’t as my legs would not bend, my first words were NEVER AGAIN!!


Congratulations also to Dave Bradley 3-42.21, Phillippa Baxter 3-35.22, Hayley Masterman 3-44.12 and Julie Lemin 4-01.37 who also reached 26.2 miles and completed the London Marathon.


Paul Turnbull