Grand Prix Working Party Update - Oct 2013

[Wed 2nd Oct] 


In response to the request at the end of August, there were four new volunteers to help with the organisation of the club Grand Prix. It is really good to see this willingness to get involved, especially as all four are relatively new members of Blyth. All four have now joined the above group.

As part of the rotation, both Mal Darbyshire and Aynsley Herron have now dropped out of the group. We would all like to place on record our thanks to both Mal and Aynsley for all of their hard work on the Grand Prix over the years, both since the Grand Prix Working Party formed at the beginning of 2012 - when they both provided invaluable insight for the rest of the group - and for several years before that. This was an often thankless task, and they definitely did not deserve all of the grief that came their way - although perhaps some of it, just like the present incumbents of that role will despite our best efforts, no doubt!


The Grand Prix Working Party now consists of:


Robby Barkley

Heather Barrass

Heather Christopher

Lee Cuthbertson

Steven French

Julie Lemin

David Potts

Dave Roberts (chair)

Lee Simpson


These people are currently actively working towards producing the schedule of races for Grand Prix 2014 and would like to thank those members of the club who have suggested races for inclusion.

Any thoughts on the Grand Prix can be passed to any or all members of the group at any time but - as we only meet two or three times a year - are best put in writing so that they are not missed at the time of meetings.

Dave Roberts (on behalf of Grand Prix Working Party)