Grand Prix Update

[Wed 30th Oct 2013] 


After the penultimate race of the 2013 Grand Prix series at Jedburgh there is still plenty to fight for at the last race, the Brampton to Carlisle 10 mile towards the end of November.  Only 2 divisions already have winners and in these the second and third places are still up for grabs, one division could even have a dead heat!


The current situation is:-


Div 1

Peter Brown has a scored a maximum number of points with 6 wins from his 6 counting races, however if Jake Jansen wins at Brampton then he also will have 6 from 6.


Div 2


Peter Homback is currently 1 point ahead of Jon French, but Peter cannot increase his score, however if Jon runs Brampton his points will count and he will leapfrog Peter into first place.


Div 3

Daniel N'Jai has won this division but Shaun Dodd and Calum Storey in second and third with 46 and 45 points respectively can both pick up points at Brampton.


Div 4

David Potts currently leads with 70 points and can pick up 1 more if he wins at Brampton.  Dave Bradley is 1 point behind in second but can collect 3 pts if a winner at Brampton.


Div 5

Julie Lemin has already won the division but Claire Calverley can jump from fourth to second overtaking both Ron Ingram and Peter Maylia with a first place at Brampton.


Div 6

Anne Craddock is currently leading this division, however Louise Rawlinson can pinch top spot with a first or second at Brampton.


And finally, well done to Ron Ingram and Peter Maylia who have completed all eleven races so far - one more to go lads.