Autumn Relays 2013 - Teams

Team A

Team B

Team C

Ewa Johnson

Alison Singer

Simon Sellars

Andrew Greives

Erin Scott

Paul Turnbull

Jake Jansen

James Young

Jon French

Team D

Team E

Team F

Claire Stewart

Debbie Wright

Ann Craddock

Mark Nicholson

Dave Bradley

Lindsey Chapman

Graeme Stewart

Joseph Dungworth

Sam Dodd

Team G

Team H

Team J

Aynsley Herron

Louise Coultate

Louise Rawlinson

Steven French

Lauren Barrett

Emma James

Dale Smith

Calum Storey

Chris Sheffer

Team K

Team L

Team M

Davina Lonsdale

Ron Ingram

Peter Maylia

Phillippa Baxter

Kevin Freeman

Cath Young

Ian Baxter

Joseph Woods

Adam Robinson

Team N

Team O

Team P

Hayley Masterman

Sue Browning

Ralph Dickinson

Claire Calverley

Terry McCabe

Helen Morris

Leanne Herron

Steve Cairns

Martin Gaughan

Team R

Team T

Team V

Julie Lemin

Heather Barrass

Richard Shillinglaw

Ray Carmody

Martin Scott

Dave Roberts

Steve Gillespie

Rob Hall

Brian Singleton

Team Z

Helen Bruce

Craig Giles

Heather Christopher


Dear all, after much deliberation here are the teams for this year's Autumn Relays. The person first listed with each group is the first leg runner, second is second leg runner and third is on the final leg for the team. Please be aware of your team mates beforehand. You will be set off together (first leg runners only), then set off by myself as each of your team mates concludes their run. You must run in the order given.

However If for any reason one of your team cannot now run, then each remaining runner on your team “moves forward” a leg. No one can run twice. Your team is unfortunately deemed as incomplete for results purposes, you will receive your individual time only.

Each team is balanced equally against the other teams overall.

Please collect your race numbers from myself by 7 pm, all runners irrespective of what leg they are running need to do this. If you have not got your number before the start, your team is incomplete and sorry but you will not be allowed to run. It’s a team event, support your team mates and fellow runners!

Please wear something white or reflective as it will be dark and bring pins for your numbers.

The start of the race (and finish) is at the finishing point of the Winter Series on the Kitty Brewster Industrial Estate, distance is shorter than the Winter Series at 2.3 miles approximately, it will be the same course as the last few relays on the industrial estate.

Race start is 7:15 pm on Wednesday 9th October.

We will try to sort out any problems as they arise, but the main things to remember are to turn up and turn up early to get your numbers!

Any problems or questions please ask as soon as possible.

Many thanks and see you all on Wednesday.