Who ate all the pies? - ASH did

[Tue 27th Jul 2010] 

After two weeks of easy running and holiday, what a difference 14 days can make to your race times and fitness. From running 16:08 for a 5k before a break in training, to running 16:51 at Sunderland’s 5K on Wednesday night, I managed to pile on 10lbs in 14 days (but I had a great time doing it), so my second race of the week wasn’t much better, 16:49 for the 5K park run in Newcastle on Saturday morning finishing 3rd.  

Then on Sunday it was a very undulating 10k run in Harrogate where I finished 7th in a time of 34.42 out of six hundred, if I had got there in time to enter as I only got to the start area with a couple of minutes to spare (not the best pre race prep, I mis-judged the drive time) . I enjoyed the race though once I got my legs settled, as the race starts on a hill for ¾ of a mile, and then I pushed on through all of the upward climbs reaching 4 miles in less than 22 minutes, then disaster, the extra weight hit, as I covered the remaining 2.2 miles with the last mile downhill in something near 6 minute miles (a huge drop off from sub 5 ½ minute miles).

I had read Craig’s running comments on the Friday and I tried to focus but the legs would not respond, tired and very heavy. Craig’s motivational article has lots of good thoughts in there for all ages and levels of runners. But it is easier reading it as I found out on Sunday, because when your legs are gone there's no way back in a race with all the will in the world. As Craig says it has to be done in training. So back in training on Monday (and on a diet) for the next three months of high miles, and long pace runs. Oh joy salad and more salad, yum yum!!!!!!! (only got myself to blame).