Roundhay Millenium Meander + 10


[Mon 14th Jun 2010]  For those who like to occasionally get away from the roads, events like this are ideal. Arranged by the local Rotary Club and based in Dacre Banks, Nidderdale, this was not a race as it was designed primarily as a walk of either 16 or 22.5 miles taking in some glorious views with hardly a car in sight! The day was warm and sunny (Yorkshire and sun – there’s 2 words not normally associated with each other) as I set of at 9 a.m. with a small band attempting the longer version. Navigation was left to the individual but detailed route instructions had been supplied that only an idiot could fail to follow (I got lost 3 times!). Leaving the village, it started as it seem to continue for the rest of the day – uphill! By 8 miles it was out onto the moors with only the grouse and startled rabbits for company and plenty of opportunities to go the wrong way. By the time I put in a sprint down the main street of Dacre Banks 5 hours after leaving, I had run/ walked about 24 miles (everybody else did 22.5), managed 5000 feet of climbing and was second runner home (out of 2). Anybody wanting to try this type of event, The Durham Dales is on the 26th June (16 of 30 miles).