Edinburgh Marathon 2010

[Sun 23rd May 2010] On a chilly, wet and overcast morning 5 runners representing Blyth Running Club set out on what they thought were ideal conditions to complete the 8th running of the Edinburgh marathon (the second largest marathon in the UK).  However, 10 minutes before the start the sun came out and the temperature gradually soared to a sweltering 25 degrees, much to the delight of the spectators and our very own supporters in the form of Chris, Ruth, baby Alex (Lemin), Iain and Alison (Singer).  Not the best sort of weather for running.
The course followed the same route as last year, only this year there were two starts, one on London Road for the elite and faster runners, starting at 9.10am and one from Regent Road for the masses and Hairy Haggis Relay runners, starting at 10am, taking in Holyrood Park, Leith Links and Portobello Promenade, then going through East Lothian before a grandstand finish in Musselburgh Racecourse.
Unlike last year, water was in abundance and there was plenty of support along the way, many locals even brought out their garden hoses to douse the hot and weary runners.  In Prestonpans there was a welcome sight when Chris, Ruth and Baby Alex were waiting with supplies of gels, bananas and loud cheers and also at 19 miles to see Iain and Alison once again with more supplies, but this time of much appreciated Jelly Babies, Custard Creams and water. 
There were plenty of runners in fancy dress; chickens, batman and banana man to name a few, and even two foolish souls pulling car tyres behind them, lots of runners suffered in the heat and there were many who had to walk.
After finishing the 26.2 mile course, runners were given their medals, bananas, water and goody bags then it was off for a quick photo, collection of our bags and to meet up with family and friends for a much deserved drink and sit down.  The only problem was getting back up again. 
Despite the heat it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and we can't wait till next year.



Simon Lemin



Julie Lemin



Davina Lonsdale



Tom Lemin



Adele Lonsdale



Unfortunately, Adele had a heavy cold and wasn't feeling good, so she had to effectively retire at the half way point.