Ash's Travels

[Mon 21st Jun 2010]  Another busy race weekend for ASH, after dropping out of a race due to injury worries the weekend before. ASH traveled down to Nottingham on Friday for the weekend and took part in the Barnsley Harriers 4 1/2 mile multi-terrain race, he was made to feel very welcome by the kind people from Barnsley Harriers. The race consisted of a short flat section from the start then 2 miles running up hill and then back down hill through farmers' fields, stiles and knee high grass (accomplished several nettle stings!!) and finishing by lapping round a cricket pitch. Ash finished second with a time of 26.13, a minute slower than the winner who was superb running downhill as it was neck and neck running at the top of the hill.

Then on the Sunday morning an hours journey to Leicestershire to take part in the Stathern charity 10k. Conditions were warm with a strong breeze in certain parts of the course. Fantastic for a P.B the course was flat as a pancake. Again finishing second with a time of 33.34 (they say second is first loser).