Sherman Cup / Davison Shield

[Mon 26th Oct 2009]  Well done to all who turned out in club colours at the Sherman Cup / Davison Shield X-Country at Temple Park, South Shields on Sat 24th.  Excellent turn outs in the U15 boys and senior women.  Performance of the day goes to Kalvin Hurst who finished in 7th place and led the U15 boys to second team.  Full Blyth results as follows:-

Under 13 Boys (3.1k)

Under 15 Boys (3.1k)

Senior Men (9.3k)

15th               Mark Nicholson               13:10

7th                  Kalvin Hurst                    11:27

40th       Robbie Barkley                34:48

31st        Joseph Dungworth          14:01

16th       Chris Lillico                    12:00

76th       Craig Birch                     36:36

41st        Joseph Woods                15:13

17th       Scott Povey                    12:01

148th      Graeme Stewart  40:29

(10th team)

23rd       Michael Scott                 12:29

182nd      Kevin Freeman                42:24


25th       Chris Arkless                   12:34

204th      Keith Willshire                44:54


26th       Jake Jansen                   12:34

227th      Terry Hart                      48:39


35th       Scott Goodfellow            13:24

(26th team)


(2nd & 7th teams)





Under 13 Girls (3.1k)

Under 17/20 Women (6.2k)

Senior Women (6.2k)

10th       Charlotte Ramsey            14:05

19th       Emma Freeman                29:28

20th       Susanne Hunter              27:56

27th       Amy Tanney                    17:37

25th       Stephanie Ramsey           36:55

23rd       Helen Morris                  28:24



34th       Helen Bruce                   29:13



54th       Julie Lemin                     31:04



58th       Angie Brown                   32:09



67th       Joanne Straughan           33:54



76th       Alison Lowes                   36:55



(7th team)

Full results can be found at