Lochaber marathon

[Mon 20th Apr 2009]  Congratulations to Dave Logan who completed his first marathon in a time of 4:03:00, at Lochaber in the highlands of Scotland on Sunday 19th April.  In Dave’s own words……….”disappointed with my run but at least I got round eventually, was going well up until about 15 miles, through half way in about 1-40 sticking to about 7-45 min miles, then I really struggled with my back & hip.  I walked Ben Nevis the day before which maybe was a bad idea, also lack of training over the last 4 weeks.  If you’re fully prepared it is a very good course pb potential, weather was a bit to hot 18 degrees at the start with no breeze which I was informed is very rare for the west coast, but all in all had a good weekend weather great also enjoyed Ben Nevis.