Edinburgh Marathon

[Tue 2nd Jun 2009]  I traveled to the Edinburgh Marathon this morning to watch the guys running.  I watched from a point at 16.5 mile which was also the 19 mile point.  I saw them all pass twice, albeit in Johns case a lot slower the second time!  I heard the Lonsdale sisters before I saw them!  However all did well.  The heat was unbearable, I clocked it at over 20 c at times, with a slight breeze only.

Susie said at the end a lot of people were in trouble, I noticed that a lot the 4 hr plus runners were walking at the 19 mile point.  Far too many had I pods on, I gave up shouting encouragement……………….

I hope extra water was put on, I came away after I saw our last runner through, to be honest it isn’t pleasant watching people suffer so much.

Iain Singer

For the record, Susanne finished in 4:06:18, Davina in 4:24:13, John 4:26:11 and Julie with her Dad Thomas in 5:06:51.