Allendale 8

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of this event, it is held annually as part of the village fair which makes it an ideal event for those with non-running partners / family.  Plenty of amusements, shows, food and 4 pubs within 50 yards of each other. It is a ‘testing’ course made even more difficult this year with the high temperatures.

The race starts from the village square to the backdrop of the ‘Strongest Man’ competition reaching the ‘how many times can you lift the transit van off the ground in 5 minutes’ stage and sets off on a steady 2 mile long climb. Then the course gets hard! None of the next 6 miles are flat and, although the organisers put out ‘Caution – steep descent’ signs they omit to mention the equally steep ascents that follow. The race ends with a steep, first gear climb back into the village which destroys any hope you may have of making an impressive sight crossing the finishing line!

I got back to be informed that I’d missed the Belly Dancing on stage but was in time for the karaoke competition. As if the race wasn’t bad enough – the torture that followed was far worse and even a pint didn’t make it any better. Susan Boyle it wasn’t – more like Katie Boyle!

The results – Gareth put in a sterling effort and finished 22nd with 54.09 and I trailed in a bit later (41st in 59.09).

Dave Bradley